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Sea Fresh Salt Soap
Our Price: 6.00
Tea Tree & Clay
Our Price: 6.00
Our Price: 6.00
Capture the cool sensation of a refreshing sea breeze with this natural soap loaded with sea salt for a fantastic skin detox. Our number one-best selling soap, Tea Tree & Clay, is made with the high quality ingredients to harness their super skin loving powers! This natural soap combines the healing powers of shea butter and rhassoul clay with essential oils of tea tree, juniper berry, lavender, rosemary and lemongrass for an extraordinary soap! This soap is wonderful for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin irritations.

This is a luxurious soap is made with farm fresh eggs. Eggs have been used for centuries due to their multiple skin benefits such as lightening, tightening, shrinking pores, relieving redness and helping prevent unwanted breakouts.

Avocado Lime
Our Price: 6.00
Pure & Simple
Our Price: 6.00
The power of vitamin E from creamy avocado is combined with zesty lime to make an all around great bar: cleansing, healing and invigorating. Product details: Avocado butter, avocado oil and lime make up this luxurious soap. Lime scented with 100% pure essential oil. Tip from Miss Selby: This is a fabulous shave soap for men and women. Pure. Simple. Soap. This soap is just a pure, basic soap. The base of this soap is our natural, unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil blend. It

contains a full 30% of the natural, unrefined shea butter, so your skin will reap all the awesome skin moisturizing benefits of the oil.

A gentle and rich crème, enhanced with Hyaluronic acid - Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender, Blue-Green Algae, Calendula, Rooibos & Pomegranate extracts and Evening Primrose to retain moisture in the tender and delicate skin around your eyes. Contains organic ingredients that work synergistically to balance, soothe and supply moisture.

Based on cooling organic peppermint extract, this refreshing Peppermint Toner will help deeply cleanse skin. Organic vegetable glycerin locks in moisture while organic willow bark extract soothes stressed skin. Bolstered by a broad spectrum of natural alpha hydroxy acids derived from organic bilberry, organic sugar cane, organic sugar maple, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel and organic cranberries, peppermint toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring the appearance of a youthful, glowing complexion.

Organic Content 95%

    This product balances and soothes both your skin and mind while it tones. This toner is very calming for overworked and sensitive skin. This would also make a great addition to a nightly skin care regimen because of its mental calming properties. Any skin care line is incomplete without either a toner or astringent as part of the skin care regimen you recommend to customers. Toning is a critical, often overlooked step of daily skin care. This step adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining oil or dirt from the skin. This product is clear to amber in color and is lightly scented.

    Organic Content: 90%
      Our Charcoal Creme Masque is highly moisturizing, while using charcoal to gently cleanse your skin.
      Organic Content: 85%
      Supreme Facial Cleanser
      Our Price: 14.95
      The Supreme Facial Serum is packed with vitamins and powerful antioxidants that ensure the deepest possible penetration. I designed this serum for everyone dealing with maturing skin, and it turned out to be one of my personal favorites.
      Organic Content: 69%
      The Clarifying Moisturizer is a soothing moisturizer with DMAE, MSM & Hyaluronic Acid that unites Aloe, Shea and Jojoba to provide your skin with replinishing moisture.
      Organic content: 83%

      The Supreme Facial Cleanser is a hydrating and soothing cleanser for maturing skin. Your skin will get a thorough cleanse and reap the benefits of this natural and unique combination.

      Organic Content: 87%
      1. Perfect for mature skin, Paramount Facial Moisturizer has been carefully formulated with Rose, DMAE, MSM, Rooibos & Pomegranate extracts. Working together with Hyaluronic Acid, this facial moisturizer provides skin with nourishing moisture, leaving it velvety smooth.
      2. Organic Content: 76%
      Featuring soothing organic aloe, omega 3 & 6 enriched rosehip oil, with antioxidant loaded organic cranberry, raspberry and blueberry extracts and clarifying white willow bark. All combine together in this gentle, yet effective daily go to serum - So get serious and get C – Vitamin C Facial Serum.

      This Rooibos Cleansing Scrub Creme is extraordinary. The rich crème, combined with gentle jojoba beads, exfoliates without stripping or harming the skin. Aloe and rooibos tea both have a soothing effect on the skin. Rooibos is a powerful player in the team of antioxidants this crème brings to your skin. Recently, Japanese scientists discovered that rooibos tea contains a counterpart of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), which is an antioxidant that attacks free radicals and limits their damaging effects on the skin. Coconut, jojoba, olive, and avocado oils make this the perfect cleansing scrub crème.
      Organic Content: 79%

      Oily Skin Skincare Bundle
      List Price: $46.85
      Our Price: $46.85
      Sale Price: 39.99
      Savings: $6.86
      Dry Skin Skincare Bundle
      List Price: $46.85
      Our Price: $46.85
      Sale Price: 39.99
      Savings: $6.86
      This gentle jojoba bead exfoliant helps uncover your gorgeous, clarified skin, thanks to an intensive assortment of alpha acids. This Clarifying Facial Exfoliant is so perfect for all skin types that you will beg for more.

      Organic Content: 84%
      Bundle and save with these products; a tea tree bar soap, clarifying facial astringent, clarifying facial moisturizer, and rooibos eye creme. Bundle and save with this skincare system. Pure & simple bar soap, organic peppermint toner, supreme facial moisturizer and rooibos eye creme will keep your skin hydrated.