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Sandalwood Vanilla
Our Price: $6.00
Dragon's Blood
Our Price: $6.00
Blue Tides
Our Price: $6.00
One of our best selling soaps, the earthy and sensual sandalwood meets sweet musky vanilla for an unmistakably great scent for men and women.

Product details: This luxurious soap contains 30% shea butter.
Dragon's Blood is a much loved classic musky scent. This soap is mysteriously alluring, and unique with its warm hints of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla, and patchouli, but is irresistibly sensual with it's romantic notes of rose, jasmine and lilac.
Spark your inner man with this sensual, masculine scent. This scent will give you visions of sitting under the toasty caribbean sun at a secluded beach getaway,.
Pipe Smoke
Our Price: $6.00
Bay Rum
Our Price: $6.00
Imagine the sweet, tantalizing smell of your grandfather's pipe smoke. This soap smells amazing, and is handmade with natural, unrefined shea butter to keep your skin soft, clean and moisturized! Enjoy a Caribbean Escape with this musky, masculine scent. It is a fantastic mixture of Caribbean rum, tropical spices, and the distinct fragrance of clove. Made with 30% natural, unrefined shea butter, this soap will leave your skin feeling fantastically soft! This bar does it all! This all natural bar will get you clean literally from head to toe while leaving you smelling fresh all day.
Irish Green Soap
Our Price: $6.00
Magic Man Soap
Our Price: $6.00
This fresh earthy green scent will take you right to the shire. Don't forget to wash those hairy feet. The ladies go nuts over this strong manly scent that takes place of cologne. Our super moisturizing organic body wash is 100% sulfate, paraben, and preservative free! It combines Jojoba, Coconut, and Olive oils to deeply moisurize your skin, and leave it feeling soft, smooth, and fabulous! Our high quality oils give this body wash the perfect, soft lather without the use of sulfates!!!
Men's Aftershave Splash
Our Price: $12.95
Men's Aftershave Lotion
Our Price: $12.95
Men's Body Butter
Our Price: $12.95
  1. This new aftershave splash is a reformulated, improved version of Essential Wholesale's original Aftershave Splash. The alpha hydroxy acids contained in this splash help slough off the dead skin cells. This product can be used after shaving or waxing. The liquid is clear and has a light inherent scent.

    Organic Content: 89%
This amazing Aftershave Lotion is ideal for all skin types. All the amazing ingredients work synergistically to leave your skin feeling happy, healthy and smooth.
Organic Content: 87%

Quality matters!
Our lotion stands above the rest for multiple reasons.
• Superstar Ingredients
• Organic Aloe Leaf Juice
• Organic Jojoba & Olive Oil
• Organic Rooibos Tea Extract
• Vegan DMAE & MSM
• Contains no water ALL PRODUCT!
• Naturally preserved, no harsh preservatives
• Paraben Free
Moisturize your skin with these pure, high-quality whipped oils! We combine natural, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil into this whipped, dreamy pleasure. We add absolutely no filler ingredients to our body butter, just pure, natural ingredients to nourish your skin!
Men's Beard Oil
Our Price: $14.95
Keep your beard moisturized, and itch-free with our wonderful beard oil! We blend the highest quality oils with a light scent to keep your beard feeling wonderful all day!